Patterson Grove Christian Church

Philip Yancy tells a story of a young lady facing many personal problems and she was challenged to go to church to find assistance. She responded by saying ” Why go there, they don’t care!”  Many people feel that the church has lost its relevance. However, Stanford University recently reported that terminally-ill cancer patients who attended weekly support group meetings lived twice as long as those who did not.  The church should be the place where people go to find support, assistance and guidance in dealing with the issues of life.

Our goal at Patterson Grove  is to make our church relevant to it’s membership and the community. We believe that people should be able to see in each worship service and each ministry our love for our God and our love for people.  It is true that there is not a perfect church.  Each church is filled with imperfect people, but church should be a place where people go to find love and be directed toward a deeper relationship with God. To that end each of our ministries is God and people oriented.

A church marquis deftly described the divine institution that God created for all people. It said, “Church: one place where you aren’t too bad to come in, nor too good to stay out.”  Patterson Grove Christian Church opens its doors to all people and we want each person that comes to feel welcomed and wanted.  Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.




1921 Patterson Grove Rd  Ramseur NC 27316  (336) 824-2497